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Just some of the more eccentric events that happen here.  There are plenty more…

Bog Snorkelling:

‘bog’ snorkeller – photo by Peter Barnett

Llanwrtyd Wells IS The Home of Bog Snorkelling.  A creation out of the minds of several local men, in particular, Gordon Green MBE who came to Llanwrtyd in the 70’s enticed by pony trekking; moved here to become the landlord of The Neuadd Arms Hotel and then started coming up with other ways to increase visitor number.  I suspect owning a pub and making most of the decisions with a pint in his hand is why they are so ‘wacky’.  Bog Snorkelling takes place every August Bank Holiday Sunday, on the outskirts of town, at Waen Rhydd Bog, shuttle buses run back and forth throughout the day

Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling

During the same weekend there is also Mountain Bike Bog Snorkelling and the Bog Triathlon (which involves a run, snorkel and mountain bike)

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Man v Horse:

photo of Man v Horse by local photographer Perter Barnett

This was the first event created by Gordon Green.  first run in June 1980 it is now the largest horse race in Europe , if not the world, with horse numbers capped at 60.  Basically it is a mixed terrain course of road, forestry, bridleway and lots of hills, just shy of a full marathon at around 22-23 miles.  Its a straight race of the fastest person on foot against the fastest person on horseback.  And the result is surprisingly close.  Generally the horse and rider win, bit twice the fastest overall has been a man on foot.  And throughout the finish many individual runners beat many horses.

The event takes place annually near the beginning of June.  Numbers nowadays are capped and places fill fast so get in quick.  Generally there are about 60 horses, 700 individual runners and 150 three person relay teams… its a biggy for a town of 800 residents.

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Mountain Bike Chariot Racing and the Saturnalia Festival:

Mountain Bike Chariot Racing

January is always dso dull, so some years ago, walking in Gordon Greens footsteps, the now landlord of the Neuadd Arms and Chair of Green Events Lts came up with this little gem to brighten up the dullness.  Mountain Bike Chariot Racing is essential two mountain bikes fixed together with a metal T-bar with a barrel chariot on the back.  Teams of 3 race each other (often dressed as Romans) around a set course and the fastest wins.  That evening the hotel hosts a Roman Saturnalia Feast and fancy dress party

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Real Ale Wobble:

photo by local photographer Peter Barnett

Taking place mid November this event is very popular with ale drinkers as well as mountain bikers – enthusing about both is best!  It marks the beginning of the 9 day Mid Wales Beer Festival.  Llanwrtyd Wells may only have 3 pubs but this weekend you will find around 150 real ales , largely from microbreweries and Welsh breweries and a good selection of ciders and perries too.  The event is a 25km (ish) challenging off road course with beer stops in the woods and at the finish.  There’s a massive party  on the Saturday evening with loads of great live music.  We also have a similar event in the summer, The Summer Cider Cycle in early August

Art by Julia Harris – Real Ale Wobbler

You can purchase limited edition prints of the wobbler by contacting Julia Harris


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World Alternative Games :

Russian Egg Roulette

Ever since 2012  when the Olympics came to the UK and funding was taken from Wales, we, thanks again to the magnificent brain of Gordon green MBE, have run a bi-annual fortnight of wacky events gathered from around the world.  This fortnight is truly family friendly with events for small and big kids and adults of all ages.  From pea Shooting and Conkers to Office Chair Racing and Worm Charming. From Wife Carrying and Husband Dragging to Belly Flopping and Under Water Rugby.  There is so much scheduled you really do have to head over to the site and take a look.

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