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Hi I’m Berni, I run Cerdyn Villa B&B with my partner John.  I’m also a stained glass artist and work from my home studio here at Cerdyn Villa.

I offer various services, Day workshops and weekend retreats; stained glass commissioning (drawing, scaling up, designing and making)

I make small glass items to my own designs largely inspired by nature.  I also make small commissions, windows and panels.

To see more of my designs you can take a look at



Private day workshops

Private tuition  – one to one £120

Two people sharing £75 per person

Three people sharing £60 per person

9:30am – 4:30pm tuition including all materials and guaranteed to go home with a completed item of your making.  Light lunch included


Private, tailored weekend retreats

£175-£200 per person based on two people sharing

The weekend includes 2 nights bed and breakfast and a total of 11 hours tutoring and all materials and equipment.  The weekend will just be for you and your friend/partner/family member.

On day of arrival there will be 2.5 hours introduction and orientation.  for beginners this will include explaining what all the equipment is and soe initial practice to learn how to cut glass.  We will begin to create or identify a project for you to make over the course of the next two days.  The main day after breakfast you will have access to the studio and tuition from 10 am until 4pm.  we will finalise realistic projects and make great headway in completing your item.  complexity and process will depend on ability and time.  The day will include teas/coffees and a light lunch (either sandwiches or soup – homemade).  On the final day after breakfast you will have a further 2.5 hours to complete your project before checking out.

Stained Glass Panel and Window Commissions

Prices vary depending on size and complexity.  It is free to enquire!  There is a small fee for design which is refundable against the final cost if you continue to have the design scaled up and made.  We will meet (where possible) to discuss your ideas and talk about the types of glass and rough costings.  If you are interested I will take a small deposit and spend time creating design drawings for you to agree.  Once the design is agreed there will be a second payment for scaling the drawings. Before beginning cutting glass there will be a 3rd payment to help cover the cost of materials.   The glass will be ordered for your window or selected from that in stock – you are welcome to engage in this process.  No further payments will be required until the item is completed and approved by you. Once final payment is received the item is yours to install or enjoy.  If you wish, my husband may be able to quote for the installation.

NB: Whilst every attempt is made to offer an accurate quote occasionally a design is more complex or requires more glass and materials (or less) than the original quote.  The final price may vary slightly. 

Personalised replica of your classic car

£50 – £150

Small items designed by me , made to order

A few of my smaller light catcher designs… can make any of these to order or can have a go at something new – anything is possible.  prices vary.  Take a look over at my online shop for more ideas