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Cerdyn Villa, is part of Wellness Breaks Llanwrtyd, aiming to offer our guests access to the benefits of natural wellbeing and self-care on which our little town was founded.

Llanwrtyd Wells only exists because of the discovery of the healing waters and the subsequent growth of health tourism by the Victorian gentile.  Originally the town had three wells (chalybeate and sulphur), whose waters, alongside the clean air (now officially recognised as one of the cleanest in the UK) and the expansive surrounding nature (we sit on the edge of the largest area of unspoilt countryside within the UK), offered tourists the opportunity to rejuvenate, recuperate, relax and unwind.

Today, Llanwrtyd Wells and its neighbouring Spa towns are often visited for much the same reasons.  We all have busy lives; fortunately though we are all beginning to recognise that natural health and wellness are increasingly important to us all and that it is OK to have some ‘me’ time.

So, whilst you are here why not take advantage of some of these holistic, natural, or tailor-made, treatments, activities and products:

Book yourself a treatment:

Try a reflexology session or massage with Eliza who will visit you here: Happy Soles Reflexology and Massage for Better Health, offers a range of treatments at reasonable prices.

Tel: 07533646803 Email Happysolesreflexology1@gmail.com, or ask us and we’ll arrange it for you.

Or how about crystal healing, rahanni or reiki with Cheryl or Andy of Angelis Holistic right here on Station Road, Llanwrtyd Wells  Tel: 01591 610888 or 07961315785 Email: angelisholistic@btinternet.com … or ask us and we’ll arrange it for you. (for online version add hyperlink to FB service)

Or a beauty treatment with Kate just down the road from here at The Beauty Patch, Llangammarch Tel: 07758 071818 or ask us and we’ll arrange it for you. (for online version add hyperlink to FB service)

Get creative with a workshop:

Did you know that I offer taster days in stained glass here at Cerdyn Villa? Plus, I include a bowl of wholesome homemade soup and homemade bread  when we take a midday break?  But if stained glass is not for you perhaps you fancy trying willow weaving, felting, crocheting or breadmaking…

Willow Weaving: xxxxx

Felting: xxxx

Breadmaking: xxx


Eat well:

We aim to keep our breakfasts as wholesome and high quality as is possible.  We source our meats from local butchers, provide our own eggs from our own free roaming hens (when we can), make our own bread and vegetarian sausages; select jams and marmalades from local makers who use foraged and in-season fruits.

If we have spare eggs, we may be able to sell you some, if not then one of our local farm friends who top up our supply may have some you can take away, just ask and we’ll do what we can.  Likewise we stock a range of the jams and marmalades you get to try at breakfast.

But you can eat wholesome, natural, local, homemade, quality foods, including vegetarian and vegan in many local cafes, pubs and restaurants:

Try XXXXTHESE PUBS/RESTAURANTSxx for VEGETARIAN/VEGAN  or these from farm to fork restaurants who use quality meats and vegetables and can tell you exactly where their ingredients have been sourced

Look after yourself and the environment

Here at Cerdyn Villa we are very conscious of our footprint on the environment. We try to reduce our environmental impact..

Our toilet paper is SO SOFT, it’s made from sustainable bamboo and comes in rolls individually wrapped in paper and is delivered to us in boxes of 48 on subscription basis.  You will see the cheeky package encourages you to raise awareness and even give a roll as a gift (!), and you are welcome to do so, rolls can be bought from us individually should you like it and wish to take some home.

We stock a small range of Well Waters Apothecary toiletries here at Cerdyn Villa, for you both to try and /or buy to take home with you, but you can find a full range of Saffron’s products at Caffi Sosban in the town or on her website.

We have installed low-energy bulbs wherever possible.  We would ask that you switch off any light or electrical appliance when not in use.  All bottles, cans, paper, card and plastic are recycled; all vegetable waste is composted and food scraps are recycled through the chickens!

As part of our policy, we do not automatically change towels on a daily basis.  If you would like fresh towels please let us know and we will replace them.

We also choose not to use sachets of tea/coffee/sugar because of the extra processing to package in this way and the additional waste paper.